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"It has now been well over a year since I’ve had an anxiety attack. Suzanne has given me the techniques to deal with it in a healthy, non-debilitating way.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we are unable to change but we can change the way our bodies and minds react to them."

-Carole B.

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You consistently feel a sense of worry, dread, or a pit in your stomach

You've heard "it's all in your head," or that you need to "just calm down"

You feel like you are “going crazy” or that no one understands the anxiety or anxiety attacks

You feel isolated and left out from avoiding too many social gatherings

They put "panic disorder" or "mental illness" in your chart due to anxiety

You're skeptical of medications and alternative therapies but just want an answer


A completely natural and scientifically-backed approach to understanding your own body, how you got to where you are today, how to retrain your nervous system, and bring your body back into alignment through daily practice.


What's Included With the FULL Course?

6 In-Depth Course Modules

30 Minute Guided Yoga Practice

4 Guided Meditations

1 Month of Daily Text or Email Tips

Robust Course Workbook

"I want you to be strong enough to live a life you love, without the fear of anxiety."

I started having panic attacks when I was 20. “Professionals” told me that this was just something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I lived in fear every day that I would have another anxiety attack. Pause for dramatic effect….......I haven’t had an anxiety attack or even the fear of one in over 21 years.

How is that possible? Well, I learned. I’ve been studying stress, relaxation, the nervous system, and CO2 intolerance for decades. I will show you how it’s possible to stop an anxiety attack and to prevent, reduce and eliminate unnecessary anxiousness. I will explain each physiological signal, why it happens and how it’s good for you. Bottom line, I want to help. It’s not just about yoga (but that helps too).

Professional credentials include: MBSR certified, Functional Movement, Neuroscience of Relaxation w/Herbert Benson, MD. Certified Yoga Trainer and CE Provider, Yoga Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and Guided Meditation Facilitator.



Understand the key elements in this program and try the first TWO immediately!

Prove to yourself how quickly change can happen.

Module 1

Unlearn the myths around stress & anxiety and replace them with facts, figures and fun-damentals!

Module 2

Know your nerves, your nervous system and your respiratory reflex like never before.

Module 3

Learn why getting in flow is so important and leverage your own lifestyle and preferences to get the most out of this practice, without disrupting your entire schedule.

Module 4

Create a personal practice that is uniquely YOU so that you look forward to it every single time, no matter where, when or how you connect.


Books, videos, articles and other ways of supporting this approach. Because you’re not crazy, anxiety is not permanent and we’re definitely not alone.


years of experience


hours of yoga training


students taught



"I had been having anxiety attacks and had been concerned about it for a long time. Learning about the breathing was a game changer. It is now a big part of my practice. It was something I was able to do on my own - to really take control for myself. Seeing how powerful this was, I began taking other small steps to take even more control but also just to take better care of myself. A little yoga flow, a little meditation, a little breathing practice. Now I do these often throughout the day without even thinking about it. I realized that everyone could learn this. This kind of subtle self-care. And through self-care… I realized I could save myself."

- Joanna S.

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"I took this course because I had been battling with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I love yoga and thought that doing a yoga and anxiety corse would be a great thing for me at the time. Your mantra is what resonated with me and the one thing I have never forgotten, 'happy, healthy, strong, and brave.' It encompasses 99% of the things that I worry about and it’s amazing to think that just saying 'happy, healthy, strong, and brave' reminds me that I am all those things. I would definitely recommend this course and I think the online access is a great option for people who are anxious about going somewhere new or trying something different.

- Kristin W.


Yes, because neuroplasticity research has shown that our brains can change through consistent positive repetition. There are only a few things that are truly ‘hard wired’ in our systems. This is trainable.

Less actually. 2 minutes a day could significantly improve how you feel. 20 minutes a day will get better results. 30 minutes…even better.

From start to finish, the course takes about 3.5 hours to complete. The daily exercises included in this course add 2-30 minutes per day. What you put into this course is what you get out of it.

I struggled for 10 years with severe anxiety attacks. For the past 23+ years, I have been completely free of them. Not even a little fear of having an anxiety attack. I’ve spent 25 years studying the art and science of relaxation. (All this after I was told I’d have to manage this "disorder" for the rest of my life. Not true.)


That is not the sole intention of this course, but it does have the potential. (It did for me). HOWEVER, as you feel significant improvement, please consult your medical provider for the best process going forward regarding your current treatment.

The entire basis of this course is to give you the evidence and research behind anxiety relief. Even the "woo woo" practices in this course have proven research behind them thanks to modern science. Furthermore, can you imagine the first time someone suggested brain surgery, open heart surgery, or organ donation? All of which are currently common practices, which probably sounded WILd to the first person.

Money back guarantee within the first two weeks. Keep in mind this is only a 4 hour course and a 20 minute daily practice. The best results from this course are derived from the people who consistently commit to the training and practice. If after giving this course your full effort (and time) but you still aren't satisfied, we would love your feedback as we continually strive to improve this training.

"After realizing that my body was responding to anxiety in precisely the manner described by Suzanne on the Love Yoga website, I signed up for some “Yoga for Anxiety” sessions with her. The more I learned about her knowledge of and approach to dealing with the physical manifestations of anxiety, the more I knew her self-help methods were the potential answer for me. I practiced the techniques she taught us and applied them, without fail, whenever I experienced an anxiety attack. At first I didn’t notice much change. It still took 15 to 45 minutes for my heart and breathing to return to normal. However, from the beginning, I did feel a sense of relief because I knew I was working with someone who understood what I was experiencing and also because I felt a sense of control in applying the techniques. Over the course of 6-8 months, the attacks subsided and one day I realized that I hadn’t had one in months. It has now been well over a year since I’ve had an anxiety attack. In my case, the source of anxiety remains but Suzanne has given me the techniques to deal with it in a healthy, non-debilitating way. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we are unable to change but we can change the way our bodies and minds react to them."

- Carole B.

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